The Indianapolis Fortnightly Literary Club
A club for women who write and present literary papers, and encourage improvement of the literary skills of local students.
Supporting literary achievement!
Our membership is active in encouraging improvement of the literary skills of local students.
A Rich History in Indianapolis
The brain child of a young Mrs. Albert Baker, who, early in 1885 suggested starting a women's literary club.
"Light seeking light, doth light of light beguile..."
from Loves Labor's Lost by William Shakespeare

The Fortnightly Literary Club — an Indianapolis Institution since 1885!

The Fortnightly Literary Club of Indianapolis is a women’s club officially founded in 1885. Traditionally, its membership has included teachers, librarians, social workers, and businesswomen. According to the club’s constitution, the organization’s purpose is to review and discuss new books, world problems, current events, and other subjects of cultural value.

The club meets regularly throughout the school year. The women present papers on a variety of topics.  The club has hosted authors and supported other groups with charitable contributions.

“Light Seeking Light, Doth Light of Light Beguile”

From Love’s Labour’s Lost by William Shakespeare


Learn who we are and what we are doing for the city of Indianapolis.  This section includes a list of officers, past presidents, and members who have passed.


In 1885 Mrs. Albert Baker attended a meeting of another literary club and brought the idea back to Indianapolis.  Read about our rich history in this section.


The Fortnightly Literary Club supports teachers and schools in Central Indiana. You can help by donating needed items!  Learn more about this program.


There is no record of how the name “Fortnightly” was selected, but it first appears in the minutes of the October 27, 1885, meeting, and on the printed program for that year. It has been suggested that it might have been the result of a timely quote, “We fetch fire and water, run about all day among the shops and markets, and are the victims of these details, and once in a fortnight arrive at a rational moment.” As the club met bi-weekly, the name seemed appropriate.

Fortnightly Club past presidents (2017 photo)

The Fortnightly Club logo (lamp image has been in use since 1887)

2017-2018 Fortnightly Club officers and committee chairs

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